Skin Care


Weekday Schedule: 

Mon-Fri, 10-7:30

Evening Schedule: 

Mon-Thurs, 5:50-8

Weekend Schedule: 

Sat and Sun, 9-6

Amount of Hours: 


Course Fee: 



Esthetics license

Certificate Received: 

Lia Schorr Institute of Cosmetic Skincare Training, Inc., Certificate

Modern skin care demands an “inside-out” approach, and the best estheticians will need to be up-to-date not only on treatments and products, but also the world of health and nutrition. This 17 hour holistic skin care course is one that no licensed esthetician with an eye towards the future can afford to miss, as it will give you the necessary “tools” to analyze a client’s lifestyle and steer her or him toward better skin through better well-being.

By the end of this information-packed seminar, you will learn about the latest research into the intimate connection between overall health habits and skin health and appearance. Taught by a certified nutritionist/esthetician, this up-to-the-minute holistic skin care course focuses on dietary habits and specific nutrients that can help (or harm) the skin; the “ideal” skin diet, at any age; must-have supplements for optimal health and great skin; and which dietary components best fight specific skin concerns, from acne and eczema to anti-aging benefits. And because we know that working estheticians will be eager to take advantage of this cutting-edge information, we will be scheduling this holistic skin care course at convenient evening and weekend hours, so there’s no need for anyone to miss out. 

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