to Airbushing


Amount of Hours: 

1 Full Day

Course Fee: 



Basic Makeup

Certificate Received: 

Lia Schorr Institute of Cosmetic Skincare Training, Inc., Certificate

This class is an introduction to use of the airbrushing tools that are the latest innovation in the makeup field. With the amazing changes in film and camera technology, makeup artists have been challenged to come up with ways to apply makeup so that it remains invisible. This class focuses on the use of the airbrushing machine as a technical tool to apply foundation makeup as well as artificial tanning products. You will learn how to use airbrushing machines most effectively, what types of foundations can best be applied with various types of machines, how to use and care for machines to bronze or perfect the skin, and how to use these techniques on the face and neck or as an all-over body makeup application technique.

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